Twisted Love Songs for Awkward Romantics

Fate Holders

We are the fate holders
We are the punk lovers
We don't give a fuck about anything

The Well

There's a penny at the bottom of the well
Precious metal with a story to tell
A whispered wish it keeps inside its head

Fever (The Remixes)

You can mark my words
This is the end of it all
I couldn't help myself


I walk the streets alone
And the voices will bring me home
I couldn't trust myself

Lover Boy

You don't need it
But you want it
Like a drunk needs a shot of tequila

Chandelier Woman (Arcane Remix)

You're like a chandelier
So grand, so elegant
But only from a distance


I've been keeping my eye
On the seven souls in this place
Pistol in hand and my heart in my throat

New Tattoo

Under her skin
Under her lap
Under her sheets

Chandelier Woman

But no matter how good you look
It's far too dangerous
For us to lay beneath you

Cherry Blossom

You're a poem
A painting
Clap of thunder

Better Now (Post Malone Cover)

I seen you with your other dude
He seemed like he was pretty cool
I was so broken over you


Maybe I ask far too many questions of her
Lovers will always regret
If you don't ask you don't get


I've seen it all before
I've heard enough
Waste my breath tryna break your heart

Where You've Been Before

He don't have to know about me
He don't have to know about a thing
Brush your hair and cover your neck

Why Don't You Ask Me

Then the chorus kicks
All the girls and boys sing
And our cheeks all burn by the end

Hot Chocolate

You're sweet like sugar
Burn my tongue rot my teeth
Do whatever you want to me

The Carnival

Take me to the carnival
Where you're the first prize
Your rollercoaster body your helter-skelter mind

I Ain't Buyin

Do I look stupid to you
Cos we all look stupid to me
Noone knows what to believe


Honey this is strictly business
I've been watching your soul
And I think I've found enough holes